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Book a Court

We are operating an online padel court booking system in conjunction with G4P.  

You can book via the Matchi system in the link below


  • Members pay £4 each (doubles) per court per hour between 8am & 5pm, and £5 each after 5pm. This includes the £2 membership discount outlined below.

  • Social members of 1879 (£35 yr) can pay £5 per month for G4P membership (£10 for families). This gives priority booking and discounted booking fees at all G4P clubs.

  • Existing 1879 Tennis or Squash members can acquire discounted G4P membership for £3 a month, but can only use 1879 courts.

  • Members receive £2 off court booking fees, can book up to 14 days in advance. Discounts are also available for G4P social padel sessions & club tournaments.

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