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MMM - New booking, access control and payment system for Chesham 1879

Dear Members,

This is a reminder that from Monday 18th February we will be switching over to MMM. If you have not registered your key fob will not work / you will not be able to book courts. If you are struggling to register please let me know and I can help you. If you HAVE registered please can you make sure that you have done the following:

  • Set up your 8 digit remote access key - this enables you to log onto the kiosk at the club to activate lights etc without your keyfob.

  • Have checked that your keyfob number is correct on the system - your keyfob has a number written on it. This is personal to you and allows you entry to the clubhouse

  • If you wish to book floodlights - please ensure that you have enough funds in your new account. Any funds on your existing club solutions account will be credited to your MMM account but this might take a few weeks to transfer over.

From Monday 18 February all court bookings and operation of lights on the squash and tennis courts will be controlled via MMM. The laptop computer in the squash corridor will be removed and all operations at the Club will be done via the new touch screen.

Unlike the existing Globus system, MMM debits the cost of a court or other event to your account when the event occurs and NOT when you make the booking. Therefore, you may have booked courts (for dates on or after 18 Feb) on MMM during the last couple of weeks, without having credit in your MMM account. You should credit your account before playing. It is a simple process and there is an option for auto top-up if you wish to use it. Log on to MMM from your computer and go to "My Account”. If you have any questions please do contact David Griffiths or myself at Regards Tamara Ferguson


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