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Latest club tennis playing guidance

Dear Members The LTA recently issued some new guidance recently for venues, coaches and players with which we need to comply. This is in addition to the over-arching government guidance that you can meet outside in groups of up to 6 people from different households, following social distancing guidelines. The two new pieces of guidance from the LTA are as follows:

Any individual groups should not interact with anyone outside of the group they are attending the venue with (e.g. players on another court or in a different coaching group) While multiple group activity can take place side by side, larger group activity such as Club Nights, club mix-in sessions or Open Days that involve people interacting with others outside their group should not yet be held This means that Monday morning and Sunday afternoon social sessions can no longer be operated on a roll up basis. Instead the sessions will be organised through WhatsApp groups with attendees confirming in advance so that groups of players can be pre-arranged. In addition, when on court, players can no longer swap in/out of the group on adjoining courts. Plans to re-start mens/ladies/mixed team training and other mid-week social sessions are being shelved for the time being. We are hoping that the guidance will be relaxed in the coming weeks but in the meantime, we ask for your cooperation in following the current guidelines. Regards Alastair Ferguson Chesham 1879 Tennis Chairman

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