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Return to playing Squash at Chesham 1879 from 1st August .

Hi all Many thanks for your patience whilst waiting to hear when we can resume playing some form of squash and racketball at Chesham 1879. England Squash published, last week, full guidance for a planned return to play in England on 25 July. We have thought long and hard about how to implement this guidance and how we plan to return to squash activity at the club. Firstly, here are the permitted ways to play squash.

So as you can see, this is a PARTIAL RETURN to playing squash and we do need everyone to observe these guidelines so that we can continue towards a return to normal playing conditions. ES have confirmed that the priority is safety first rather than a return at any costs.

In addition to the ES guidelines above, we are going to implement the following conditions for play: * courts will open for play on 1st August, with booking available from 25th July * you must book a court and this must be booked from 'home' (this will provide us with a full record of players) - the booking computer in the squash corridor should NOT be used * guests are not allowed * we are going to lengthen the court times from 40 minutes to 60 minutes to allow an effective changeover period - please limit your time on court to 40 mintes as normal - court times will begin at the top of the hour * the changing rooms will NOT be open and you need to arrive changed other than your shoes - please change shoes in the squash corridor * please use the hand sanitiser which will be available outside both courts - before entering the court and on leaving the court * please wipe down the door handles and any areas where you have touched the walls, using the materials that will be available outside the courts * please leave immediately after you have played and cleaned * we will be deep cleaning the courts twice a week

You will need to have renewed your membership to book courts (if you have not already done so) We are going to leave court costs at their current level although we will have additional cleaning costs We will review everything at the end of August including the membership rebate situation. I know this not ideal but it is a beginning, so please let us know how you get on. All the best Roger Hill Squash Chairman

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