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COVID update - We will be closing again from Thursday 5th November- Reopening Thursday 3rd December

To all members, I am very sorry to say after all the efforts to get back on track with tennis and squash that we will definitely be closing squash courts from midnight Wednesday and there is a 99% likelihood that all tennis will also have to cease. After Saturday’s warning of the planned one month lockdown starting on Thursday 5th Nov we have been informed that the LTA lobbied the Government to allow singles, household, 1:1 and junior coaching to continue. Unfortunately, despite Michael Gove’s misinformation on TV we heard yesterday that the Government will definitely not be allowing tennis to be played, even outdoors during the period of the new national restrictions. As a result we have been forced to make the decision to close the courts and clubhouse from midnight Wednesday 4th Nov. Please do not come to the club until we are able to announce that it is open again. The current date on the table will be Thursday 3rd December. Hopefully there will be no extension to the 2nd lockdown! The LTA are continuing to lobby the government and if you would like to add your voice to the argument you can email our local MP and request that outdoor tennis in some form continue during lockdown. Our local MP as I am sure you know is Dame Cheryl Gillan – her email address is . The more people who complain the more chance we have of being listened to. Please include yours and the club’s name and address when stating your demand to her We hope you all stay safe and well during this next lockdown and look forward to seeing you on court in December. Neil Grantham Chesham 1879 LT&SC Chairman

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